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    About TFI

    Turbulent Flow Instrumentation Pty Ltd, or TFI, is an Australian company that specialises in the development of instrumentation for the measurement of turbulent flow fields. Although based in Australia, most of our customers are located overseas (particularly in North America and Europe) and include many well know organisations.


    TFI was founded in 1995 to further develop the Cobra Probe, a multi-hole pressure probe for the dynamic measurement of turbulent flows. Since that time, we have continued development of the Cobra Probe and have also developed a number of other flow measurement devices.

    Today, TFI continues to develop and support a range of instrumentation as well as undertake a number of other activities. Primarily, TFI provides specialist consultancy services; develops specialist instrumentation and provides services for the measurement of complex flow fields.

    Key Personnel

    Bernard Smith is a watchmaker by trade and has been with the company since its inception. Over the years his specialist skills have created all of TFI's Cobra Probes as well as many other made-to-order traverse systems, pitot probes and specialist instrumentation for universities and research organisations. His wide ranging abilities and watchmaking background are an integral part of TFI's skills base.

    Peter Mousley, an aeronautical engineer, first worked with the Cobra Probe upon commencing his PhD in vehicle aerodynamics in 1996, when he used the Probe for experimental measurements. Out of interest he continued development of the Cobra Probe, improving both its manufacture and its operation. He also commenced the process of re-writing the front-end software for the probe, from the original DOS-based application to a user-friendly Windows-based system. He has expanded TFI's ability to customise data acquisition systems and integrate other instruments into a total data acquisition package, as well as continuing to work on improvements to the Cobra Probe and the Device Control software. Peter now heads TFI's hardware and software engineering efforts.

    Juliette Milbank is a mechanical engineer with a doctorate in aeroacoustics from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. As part of her doctorate she concentrated on experimental measurements in an open-jet wind tunnel and is familiar with both the TFI instrumentation and the issues involved in data acquisition. Juliette is involved with product testing and optimisation. She also maintains the TFI website.

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