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    TFI is able to design and manufacture a range of other hardware and instrumentation, including miniature pitot-static tubes, boundary layer probes and traverses. We also have specialist instrument making skills that can be utilised for many custom requirements. Read on or contact us for further information. Click on any image to see a larger version.


    - Pitot Probes

    - Miniature Pressure Units

    - Temperature & Vibration

    - Traverses

    Pitot and Pitot-static Probes

    TFI has produced Pitot-static probes with various standard nose profiles for many years. Tube sizes range from 0.5 mm up to 20 mm outer diameter and be either straight or right-angle. Nose profiles include the standard elliptical and spherical but can also be custom shaped. Adjustable mounting and other specialist requirements can also be accommodated, with a range of tube connection options available. Shown at right is an adjustable, wall-mountable pitot-static probe (2.5 mm outer diameter) and two smaller pitot-static probes (1.5 mm outer diameter - click here to see an enlargement of the probe heads).

    We also manufacture other pressure probes such as boundary layer and Preston tubes.

    an adjustable, wall-mountable pitot-static probe

    small pitot static probes

    Miniature Pressure Modules

    Using the same technology as that used in TFI's Dynamic Pressure Measurement Systems, low channel-count modules are available. These are perfect for situations where space is limited or only a few channels are required. As with all TFI instrumentation, the modules are custom made to suit your requirements. A typical 4-channel (i.e. 4 pressure transducer) module is shown in the picture at right. As with the DPMS, various pressure ranges are available, such as ±1, ±2.5 or ±7 kPa (±4", ±10" H2O, or 1 psi). a 4-channel pressure module
    Thermocouple & Micro-accelerometer Modules

    Temperature and vibration information can also be acquired using the Device Control software and one of TFI's thermocouple (see picture at right) or micro-accelerometer modules. Units typically consist of 2 thermocouple or 2 dual-axis (X and Y) micro-accelerometer sensors and an interface box, but can be customised to suit particular applications. Thermocouples can be of any common type (T, K, etc.) with custom temperature ranges. Micro-accelerometers can be supplied in various ranges from ±1g to ±50g, with a typical sensor size of 4 x 4 mm.

    a thermocouple and its interface box



    TFI is able to supply small to medium size traverses for positioning instrumentation within a wind tunnel environment. Traverses are produced with one to four axes (3 linear + 1 rotational). Traverses consist of quality linear rails, precision recirculating-ball screws and high-resolution stepping motors. Shown at right is a 3-axis traverse with a 2 m vertical axis, 0.5 m horizontal axis and a 360° rotational axis. Please contact us to discuss configurations for your particular application. A 3-axis traverse with Cobra Probe
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