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    TFI produces three main instruments for measuring pressure and flow properties. These are the Cobra Probe, the ECA (Extended Cone of Acceptance) Probe and the DPMS (Dynamic Pressure Measurement System). All are capable of measuring not only the mean or time-averaged flow properties, but also the time-varying or turbulent flow components. This allows the study of the dynamic properties of flow and pressure fields. All instrumentation operates via Windows® based software that provides simplified configuration and real-time graphical display of measurements. In addition, TFI can integrate a range of instrumentation into a total data acquisition and facility control package. See below for further information.

    Cobra Probe

    The Cobra Probe is a 4-hole pressure probe that is able to resolve 3-components of velocity and local static pressure, and can measure flow fluctuations in excess of 2000 Hz within a ±45° acceptance cone. The Cobra Probe is ideal when the flow direction is not well known, large fluctuations in the flow direction occur, or a more robust probe than the traditional hot-wire anemometer is required. more information on the Cobra Probe
    Dynamic Pressure Measurement System (DPMS)

    The DPMS (Dynamic Pressure Measurement System) is a multi-channel pressure measurement system that measures both mean and time-varying pressures for up to 1024 channels. This system has a high frequency response allowing examination of the dynamic properties of pressure fields and can also be used to show real-time pressure fluctuations in a graphical overlay on a picture of the test set up. The channels can be grouped in multiple modules, each of which may be stand-alone or rack mounted. more information on the Dynamic Pressure Measurement System
    ECA Probe

    The ECA (Extended Cone of Acceptance) Probe is a 13-hole pressure probe that operates on principles similar to the Cobra Probe, but has an extended flow angle range, of ±135°, within which measurements can be successfully made. Like the Cobra, the ECA Probe resolves 3-components of velocity and local static pressure in turbulent flows. The ECA Probe is ideal for highly turbulent flows, reverse flows or when the flow direction is completely unknown. ECA Probe
    Device Control Software

    TFI's Device Control software can run any combination of TFI instrumentation, supported third party instrumentation and other devices with analogue outputs - it achieves complete integration of a wide range of instrumentation into one system. It is a user friendly Windows-based system that provides instrument configuration and data acquisition, processing and display, generally in real time. Other functions include traverse control, automated flow mapping and some data analysis functions. The Device Control Software is included with every probe and DPMS supplied.
    more information on the Device Control software
    R-TAC (Real-Time Animated Contouring)

    An addition to the Device Control software is the R-TAC software module, which is useful for visualising fluctuating pressures from multiple measurement points during a test session. It allows real-time display of pressure contours overlaid on an image of the test object for all, or a selected subset, of the sampled measurement points. The images can be saved to produce video of the dynamic pressure distribution, thus providing a very valuable tool for understanding flow structures.

    more information on the R-TAC software
    System Integration

    TFI can integrate your choice of TFI and 3rd party instruments into a complete data acquisition, processing and control system, operated via a single user interface. This streamlines your running procedures, allows for synchronised measurements, gives consistent data storage formats and simplifies post-processing. The complete integration of hardware and software allows fully automated operation. information on system integration

    Other hardware that TFI produces include a range of pitot tubes, traverses, thermocouple and microaccelerometer modules and low channel-count (miniature) pressure modules. We also have specialist instrument making skills that can be utilised for any custom requirements. information on other TFI products
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