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    The DPMS, or Dynamic Pressure Measurement System, is a multi-channel pressure measurement system that can measure both mean and time-varying pressures on up to 1024 channels. The system has a frequency response of several kHz for large channel counts, making it ideal for the measurement of fluctuating pressure distributions.

    The DPMS features the same real-time data display and frequency analysis software as the Cobra and ECA Probes. In addition, the real-time contouring R-TAC module is available - this module allows pressure contours to be displayed as an overlay on an image of the object under test. Watch the R-TAC video to see the real-time contouring in action. Read on for further information or download the catalogue pages for more detailed specifications (see link below). Click on any image on this page to see a larger version.

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    The DPMS is available in a wide variety of configurations and customisations (see photos at right for some examples). Depending on the pressure transducers (full-scale range) and module size selected, a large range of performance attributes are obtainable. Typical characteristics may include:

    - up to 64 channels/module, 1024 channels total
    - ±1 kPa to ±35 kPa (±4" H2O to ±5 psi) FS ranges
    - 0 Hz - several kHz frequency response
    - 0.1% FS static accuracy at 25°C (0.3% over 0° - 50°C)
    - ±2% accuracy for frequency amplitude (dependant on tube dimensions)

    For further specifications, download the catalogue pages using the link above or contact us to discuss anticipated performance characteristics in your application.

    Data obtained by the DPMS include mean and time-varying values of pressure for each channel. Via the supplied Device Control software, the mean, RMS, minimum and maximum pressures are all displayed, along with time-varying data plots in real-time. All data can be saved to disk for later analysis. Real-time frequency analysis and real-time display of pressure contours overlaid on an image of the test object are also provided, the latter via the R-TAC software module.

    an example of 4 Dynamic Pressure (DP) modules in a rack mount systema 2 module rack mount system with quick couplings

    a 32-channel Dynamic Pressure (DP) module

    Real-Time Animated Contouring via the R-TAC software module


    The DPMS is supplied fully calibrated and ready to use. Calibrations are very stable over long periods of time and a wide range of temperature. Calibration checks or recalibration can be performed by the user or by TFI.


    The DPMS comprises two main components: the pressure modules and an interface unit. Each pressure module contains a pressure transducer for each channel, along with associated electronics. The interface unit connects the modules and typically contains the data acquisition system.

    The modules and interface unit are available in a range of configurations to best suit your needs (as with all TFI products, the DPMS is custom made to order). To discuss anticipated configuration requirements for your application, please contact us. Some configuration options include:

    - total number of channels
    - number of channels per module
    - thermally regulated modules
    - FS range of ±1, ±2.5, ±7 or ±5 kPa (±4", ±10" H2O, 1 psi or 5 psi)

    a 64-channel Dynamic Pressure (DP) module for a rack mount systema 64-channel Dynamic Pressure (DP) module for a rack mount system

    An example DPMS interface boxAn example DPMS interface box


    The DPMS is similar to other pressure measurement systems but features one main difference; the amplitude and phase distortion effects of tubing are corrected to produce time accurate, time-varying pressure measurements. This makes the DPMS a true dynamic measurement system, with the potential of measuring pressure fluctuations of several kHz, even with large channel counts.

    During data acquisition, either time or frequency data can be displayed in real time via the supplied Device Control software, or the data can be saved to disk for later analysis. Data can also be passed to the R-TAC software module for advanced image generation and analysis.

    a DPMS in use for building model testing, with R-TAC displaying the instantaneous pressure contours
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